History of the Game Farm

Since 1970

The Long Island Game Farm

A part of Long Island’s Family History for over 50 years

The Long Island Game Farm was founded in 1970 by Stanley and Diane Novak. Their daughter, Melinda who currently leads the park, grew up from age 9 in the farmhouse which is today used as the farms administrative office.
Stanley Novak passed away in 1999 of a heart attack and her sister Susan, who had been managing the park, passed away in 2001 at the age of 37 from Multiple Myeloma. Diane retired in 2019 but still likes to stay up to date on the changes being made and all animal life at the park.

long island game farm 1970Novak Family Home when the Game Farm opened. It is used today as the Administrative Office.
long island game farm 1970
long island game farm 1970


Melinda on the farm, 1970

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