Close Encounters


Giraffe Encounter

Come meet our new, one year old male giraffe whose name is to be determined. He will arrive mid May. Check on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM to find out when he arrives.
Encounters will begin with him end of May.
Clifford has retired to Florida! Lucky guy. We will miss him. 🙂


Wallaby Encounter

The Long Island Game Farm Wallaby Encounter gives guests the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the park’s newest marsupial members – Irwin and his sister Susie. Beginning mid May.
Limited tickets available: $20 per person. Guests will be able to attend this experience on a first-come, first-serve basis, weather and animal permitting. Feeding opportunities are subject to the animals appetites and tickets will be available at the gift shop.


Bambiland aka The Deerpark

We offer the truly unique experience of getting up close and personal with the deer at the Long Island Game Farm. Come take a walk through our deer forest, where you can hand-feed our majestic friends. There is no fee to enter the enclosure and cups of food can be purchased at the Gift Shop.


Each spring our Mommy goats are expecting! Guests can bottle-feed our baby animals and may witness the miracle of birth. The yearling goats also roam the nursery all summer long and enjoy being bottle-fed as well. There is no fee to enter the nursery, milk bottles can be purchased at the GIFT SHOP.

Additional Hand Feedings

Guests at the Long Island Game Farm have the opportunity to hand-feed our llamas, sheep, alpacas and Miniature Sicilian Donkeys. These enclosures cannot be entered, but the animals will come up to the fence to greet guests and eat from your hand. PLEASE FEED WITH A FLAT HAND. Cups of food can be purchased at the Gift Shop.

Tube Feedings

Guests of the Long Island Game Farm also have the opportunity to feed our buffalo and emu via feed tubes. This is designed to ensure the safety of all guests and animals. Cups of food can be purchased at the souvenir stand.

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