Close Encounters


Giraffe Encounter

Clifford has traveled south for the season to visit his girlfriend! See you next year!


Wallaby Encounter

The Long Island Game Farm Wallaby & Friends Encounter gives guests the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the park’s newest marsupial members. Along with meeting the new Wallaby, Irwin, as well as his baby (toddler) sister, Susie, guests will also be able to meet Speedy, the resident Tortoise and a bunny. For a ticket price of $20 per person, guests will be able to attend this experience on a first-come, first-serve basis, weather and animal permitting. Feeding opportunities are subject to the animals appetites and tickets will be available at the gift shop.



We offer the truly unique experience of getting up close and personal with the deer at the Long Island Game Farm. Come take a walk through our deer forest, where you can hand-feed our majestic friends. There is no fee to enter the encounter and cups of food can be purchased at the souvenir stand.


The Long Island Game Farm welcomes of all types of baby animals to our family each Spring. From kid goats and bunnies, to chicks and ducklings, guests can bottle-feed our new baby animals. The adult goats also roam the nursery all summer long and enjoy being bottle-fed as well. There is no fee to enter the nursery, milk bottles can be purchased at the souvenir stand.

Additional Hand Feedings

Guests at the Long Island Game Farm have the opportunity to hand-feed our llamas, alpacas and Gabriella the Miniature Sicilian Donkey. These encounters cannot be entered, but the animals will come up to the sides to greet guests. Cups of food can be purchased at the souvenir stand.

Tube Feedings

Guests of the Long Island Game Farm also have the opportunity to feed our buffalo, ostrich, emu and zebras via special tubes that deliver the food directly into the encounter. This is designed to ensure the safety of all guests and animals. Cups of food can be purchased at the souvenir stand.


Dans Nomination

Voting ends December 31st

11AM-3PM BY DONATION (cash only please)

WOW !! Here's some Big News! For the first time in 51 years we will be open on a limited basis Sundays in November. Be sure to grab your favorite fall jacket and come join us for a fun day outside with the animals.
As you follow the Woodland Boardwalk, you may enter Bambiland where you can walk among the deer & feed them (feed available for purchase). Then, just around the corner, is the Nursery where you can play with some of our kid goats & feed them a baby bottle (limited bottles for sale).
Ready for more fun? Check out the Red Foxes, Zebras, Monkeys, Emus, Wallabies, Horses, Sheep, Donkeys, American Buffalo, Alpacas and more!
Many of our exhibits are closed during the winter, but there is still plenty to see and do at the Long Island Game farm in the fall.
Please wear masks and social distance. The animals look forward to your visit!

WREATH SALE! Come support Boy Scout troop 221 of Manorville at their 26th annual wreath sale. Located at the Long Island Game Farm parking lot.
9 A.M.-4:00 P.M.
November 27th, 28th and 29th.
December 5th and 6th, 12th and 13th
Stop in and support the Boy Scouts and enjoy the holiday spirit!

WE OPERATE WEATHER PERMITTING - So please check for updates before your visit. Call 631-878-6644 or visit our facebook page.

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