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Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Long Island Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Ring-tailed lemurs are primates which are native to the African island of Madagascar. They are known for their long, black-and-white-striped tails, which make them a major attraction at many zoos throughout the country.

They can reach 17.75 inches in size (21.75 inches with the tail) and can weigh between five to 7.5 pounds. Their diet consists mainly of fruit, but they also eat leaves, flowers, tree bark and sap. Ring-tailed lemurs live in groups called troops. There can be six to 30 animals in each group.

While lemurs use their hands and feet to move from tree to tree, ring-tailed lemurs spend most of their time on the ground, which is unusual for the lemur species. In addition, ring-tailed lemurs have powerful scent glands and use their unique odor to communicate with one another and also as a weapon.

Ring-tailed lemurs are an endangered species, as the dry forests they love to call home are quickly disappearing.