Group Trips and School Field Trips

The Long Island Game Farm’s discounted group rates make it an ideal location for your next school field trip, camp trip, group or corporate outing. It’s sure to be a trip that children and adults will remember. We have loads of fun and educational activities for kids of all ages. If you plan for a day trip, you can rest and eat lunch in one of our large picnic areas and quickly get back to the fun!

Group Rates

Discounted group rates are per person. Minimum of 15 people is required. Price includes admission, petting zoo attractions and more. Reservations required.

    Group Admission: $12.50 + TAX

    New Group Package: $17.50 + TAX

    Includes admission for one individual and one student sized bag of animal food.

    Wheelchair Group Admission: $12.50 + TAX

    Notes: Tax exempt school groups are required to provide tax exempt form on day of their visit. All subject to change without notice.

Additional Options

Baby Bottles to feed the baby goats: $5

Animal Food: $5

Please let us know how many tickets you would like to purchase on the day of your trip. You will pay for them upon arrival and receive tickets to be redeemed at the appropriate shops.

Lunch at the Zoo

Consider ordering Zoo Meals for your group.

Hotdog Zoo Meal: $6.50

Chicken Tender Zoo Meal: $9.95

Bucket of Chicken Nuggets (45pc): $53

Bucket of Fries: $23

Zoo Meals include: hotdog or chicken tenders, French fries, and a small drink. Pre-order preferred or you can order at the time of your arrival.

“Our organization gathers once a year for a company picnic. Although we have tried other places, we keep coming back to the Long Island Game Farm. You can have your typical picnic activities in a private area where we have a local restaurant cater for us. Then we take nature trails throughout the park and enjoy visiting and feeding the animals. There’s a little bit to do for all ages and everyone has a great time.”

– Deb Corwin, Introtek International

Woodland Gardens Private Picnic Area

Reserve Woodland Gardens for your group, family reunion or corporate party. Includes tent with picnic tables. Large tree-shaded, grassy, private area.

Private Gazebo (limited availability)

A semi-private area area for parties of up to 32 people is available in hour and a half increments. The Gazebo can hold four tables that seat six to eight people each, plus a table for food. There can additional seating outside the Gazebo for larger parties. Available time frames include 10:30-12, 12:30-2 and 2:30-4.

Price: $75 for a hour and a half.
Please call the Group Department at 631-878-6670 to reserve this facility.

Request Reservations for Your School/Group Field Trip

Fill out the form below

Please fill out the form below to reserve a date for your field trip. Reservations are not valid until confirmed by the Game Farm. You will receive a confirmation email or letter along with visiting information. You will hear back from someone in approximately 48 hours.

If you need to speak to someone before then regarding your reservation please call 631-878-6670

    School/Group Information

    Is your group tax exempt?
    You must bring a copy of your tax exempt form with you on the day of your trip or tax will be added.

    Request a Date and Time

    Please note, that not all dates are available in April and May. A Game Farm staff member will review your submission form and confirm that the date is available.
    Open our event calendar in a separate window.

    Select Your Rate/Package

    I would like to purchase the Group Admission for $12.50 (+tax)

    I would like to purchase the New Group Admission for $17.50 (+tax)
    Includes admission for one individual, (does not include animal rides or encounters) and one student sized bag of animal food and one baby bottle (To feed the baby goats).

    I would like to purchase Wheelchair Group Admission for $12.50 (+tax)
    Also Available: Bucket of Chicken Tenders, Bucket of French Fries, Hot Dogs, Water Bottles, and Juice Boxes. Call 631-878-6670 for current prices.

    Contact Person

    How would you like to receive the invoice?

    Questions or Comments

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