Long Island Game Farm Rolls Back Admission Prices for 1970s Day

The Long Island Game Farm Welcomes Three Baby American Blackbelly Sheep to Its Tight-Knit Family

It was the year 1970. Apollo 13 was launched toward the moon, the United States celebrated its very first Earth Day, and the voting age was lowered to 18. A new house sold for $30,000, milk was $1.15 per gallon, and it cost a mere 36 cents a gallon to fill up your car’s gas tank. It was also the year a new attraction opened up in Manorville: The Long Island Game Farm.

The Long Island Game Farm (LIGF) is proud to present 1970s Admission Price Day. On Saturday, July 25 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., admission will be $2.00 for adults and $1.25 for children, the same prices that were set when the Game Farm first opened 45 years ago (prices do not include tax, and are not compatible with coupons or discounts.) The Long Island Game Farm is located at 489 Chapman Blvd. in Manorville. Please note that the 1970 prices only apply to general admission.

The Long Island Game Farm was founded in 1970 by Stanley and Diane Novak and has been serving as a place of education and family fun for 45 years. Guests are invited to bring in their photos of themselves at the Game Farm during that time period and share their favorite memories. Take a trip back to the 70s and visit the free make-your-own pet rock station. There will also be free face painting available.

“Since we opened up 45 years ago, the Long Island Game Farm has been the ideal destination spot for generations of families,” said Melinda Novak, Co-Owner/Vice President, Long Island Game Farm. “Those who first came to the Game Farm in 1970 are now bringing their children and grandchildren to experience this place. The Game Farm is the place where families will always enjoy visiting and will always remember.”

The Long Island Game Farm features interactive animal experiences, where guests can get up-close and personal with their favorite animals. New to the Game Farm this year is the Camel Encounter, where guests can hand-feed camels and learn fun-facts from staff. In addition to camels, guests can hand-feed the LIGF’s resident giraffe, and bottle-feed goats and other baby animals in the nursery.

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