Animals in Winter with James Carey

As the crisp autumn breeze swept through the game farm, a flurry of activity unfolded as animals instinctively began preparing for winter. The diligent caretakers observed the natural rhythms of their charges, ensuring each species was equipped to face the impending cold. The bustling energy echoed in the air as squirrels scurried to collect and stash nuts, while other animals prepared for hibernation for the winter or using specific adaptations. Meanwhile, the larger mammals, from majestic deer to robust bison, exhibited signs of growing thicker fur and indulging in hearty foraging sessions. As the sun set on the horizon, the animals settled into a routine of warmth and nourishment, ready to face the challenges that the winter months would undoubtedly bring. Join us to learn all about how animals prepare for winter using adaptations, migration and/or hibernation.

Date: Monday, February 19, 2024 

Ages: 5-7: 9-11am

Ages 8-12: 1-3pm

Price: $35 per person

*Does not include admission to the park – admission will be offered for 50% off the day of the

Animals in Winter with James Carey

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