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General Visiting Guidelines

Courtesy and Safety: The zoo is a fun place to be, especially when our guests respect the Zoo and each other.

  1. For your safety, adults must closely supervise children at all times.
  2. Do not climb, or cross, barrier fences. Do not reach into cages. Stay on paths.
  3. For your health, and the health of our animals, please wash hands before and after contact. Hand washing stations are located outside of the Nursery and behind the People Food Stand as well as at Rest Room facilities.
  4. We allow interaction only with certain animals. If in doubt, ask our staff. No one likes being picked on…please do not chase, tease or yell at the animals.
  5. Please refrain from any and all handto- mouth activities such as eating, smoking, etc. while interacting with the animals.

Feeding the Animals: People food can make our animals sick! Our animals have very specific diets. For their health and safety, please do not feed them any “outside” food. Animal-safe food can be purchased in the park.

Safety: Enter encounter areas slowly. No running, especially in Bambiland and the Nursery, where you are free to walk with the animals. Deer are wild animals. Though tame, they never lose their wild nature and you could startle them.

  • Help keep our exhibits safe and clean ... please do not throw anything into the exhibits, as this can be dangerous for the animals.

Please Do:

  1. Check the day’s schedule so you can plan your visit. We have shows and attractions throughout the day.
  2. Feel free to sit on the grass to have a rest or snack..
  3. Take your time to watch the animals… you will see amazing things! Try this: Sit and watch the Ring Tailed Lemurs and see how they interact with one another. Do they snuggle? Do they groom one another? Are they doing yoga?
  4. Ask our staff questions about the animals!

We don’t like sad goodbyes ... for the safety and enjoyment of all, guests who do not abide by these guidelines may be asked to leave.

The animals and staff thank you for supporting our park. Enjoy your day at the Long Island Game Farm.

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