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Long Island Kangaroos

Long Island Zoo Animal Facts

Red Kangaroos

Red Kangaroos are the largest marsupial mammals in the world. There are 47 different types of kangaroos and they are found in Australia. Red Kangaroos are native to the open arid plains and woodlands of central Australia. Male Kangaroos are commonly called “Buck.” A female is called a “Flyer” and a baby is called a “Joey.”

Kangaroos move by hopping on its hind legs. Most can only move both legs together simultaneously but not one at a time. The tail is used for steering and balancing and they can travel up to 40 miles per hour and leap as high as 12 feet. If its tail is not touching the ground it can not hop.

A female can carry up to 3 offspring at once, 1 mature baby just out of the pouch, 1 developing in the pouch and 1 embryo waiting in a “pause” stage. A baby stays in the pouch for as long as 7-10 months, but continues to feed from the mother for 12-17 months. Male kangaroos do not have pouches.

Kangaroos are grazing animals eating grass, young shoots and leaves of heath plants. They have a chambered stomach like cattle and sheep. Kangaroos need very little water to survive and are capable of going months without water.

Kangaroos generally have good eyesight but can only respond to moving objects. They have excellent hearing and are capable of swiveling their ears all around in any direction.

The Long Island Game Farm has two Kangaroos. The male is named Jackson. The female is Sheila.

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