Bobcats at Our Long Island Zoo

bobcats | long island game farm

The bobcat is a wild cat native to North America. Bobcats live in mountainous regions, wooded areas and brush land ranging from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Like many other members of the Felidae family, these felines seek shelter in dens.

Bobcats are nocturnal carnivores. Though they generally hunt rabbits and hares, these predators are adaptable and have been known to eat rodents, bats, birds, and even deer, as well as sheep and chickens from local farms.

Females are highly territorial and will establish their territory with claw marks and scent markings.

The gestation period for a bobcat is two months. Kittens are usually born in early spring in litters of one to six. A mother bobcat will teach her young to hunt by five months old, and will force the kittens out of her territory before they are one year old. Bobcats have a lifespan of seven years.