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Samantha Baer Wins Game Farm Scholarship

MANORVILLE, N.Y. — The Long Island Game Farm presented its annual scholarship – a $1000 one-time prize, granted in remembrance of the Game Farm’s founding family – to a very deserving Ward Melville High School senior last week. Samantha Baer, (known simply as “Sam”) has been described by her teachers as “voracious in her thirst to learn” with “a synergistic presence in the classroom.” These qualities were clear in her application; with her excellent grades and an obvious passion for the environment, Sam was a perfect semblance of what the Game Farm looks for when choosing the recipient of their scholarship.

Sam has been zealous about nature since she was a child, always opting for the science activities during her summers at Dorothy P. Flint 4-H Camp in Riverhead. Her childhood interests and hobbies began to flourish as she entered high school. There, she pushed herself beyond her perceived boundaries, taking extremely challenging courses intended for older students. She also began her own scientific research, examining the effects of household pollutant runoff on the oxygen production of aquatic plants and the effects of increasing salinity on the mortality of fresh water protests. After her junior year, she submitted a study on wetland restoration to Intel Science Talent Search and was honored as a semi-finalist this past January.

This fall, Samantha will be attending Tufts University where she plans to study either Environmental Engineering or Environmental Science and English to obtain a double major, resulting in a dual B.S./B.A. degree. It is her dream to pursue both careers in Environmental Engineering – perhaps designing environmentally safe buildings – and science journalism, where she can analyze relevant legislation affecting the environment.

The Stanley and Susan Novak Memorial Scholarship was established in 2004 to honor the memories of Stanley John Novak, the Game Farm’s co-founder, and his daughter Susan Mary Novak. In 1999, after nearly 30 years of building the Long Island Game Farm, Stanley Novak died from a heart attack at age 66. In 2001, his daughter Susan died from Multiple Myeloma at age 37. Both were avid animal lovers and were staunch supporters of maintaining Long Island’s environment. Each year this scholarship is offered to the island’s high school students who intend to pursue higher education, and eventually, careers, in either Veterinary Medicine or Environmental Science.

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