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Three generations of the Novak family celebrated its 40th year of the Long Island Game Farm during its grand opening on April 9. Pictured (left to right): Diane Novak, Co-Owner; her granddaughter Chela Novak, who works at the Game Farm; and daughter Melinda Novak, Co-Owner/Vice President, feeding one of the friendly llamas.

Long Island Game Farm Reopens for 40th Season

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Hundreds of families took advantage of the beautiful weather on April 9 to visit the Long Island Game Farm, Wildlife Park and Children’s Zoo, which kicked off its 40th season. Visitors got to see various animals at the game farm, including ring-tailed lemurs, kinkajous, llamas, cougars, alligators, goats, zebras, chickens and dromedary camels. Not only did they get to see these animals up close, they were allowed to pet and feed them — something other zoos and game farms do not allow their visitors to do.

Visitors also saw some of the newborn baby animals, including sheep, goats, rabbits and ducks. One addition to the game farm was a baby Swiss Appenzeller chick. In addition to viewing the animals, children also enjoyed rides on the carousel, and the popular spinning teacups.

The grand opening provides a great start to the Long Island Game Farm’s season. Starting May 7, the game farm will be open seven days a week. This year’s tiger show, called “It’s Tiger Time at Long Island Game Farm!”, runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Camp Zoo, now in its sixth year, will be held in July and August.

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